”The core of our identity and the attribute of our strength lies in the title we carry”.

In the case of Bamba Al Mansour the name vows victory over any obstacle, circumstance or constraint. His career in music and community organizing spans decades. His choice of weapon is expression by way of creating impactful art that inspires and motivates.

Mansour isn’t so easily pigeonholed as a one trick pony. As a creator he is a multi disciplinary expressionist with more than one mode of manifestation. A self sustaining visionary who’s life bears witness that he will produce art by any means necessary.

Bamba’s debut album Rise From The Great Fall is an autobiographical body of work which explores Sufi spirituality, Diaspora homecoming, black manhood and the fight for liberty, justice and economic independence. Songs that reflect the urgency of the times we are living in.

Release date 2023.